Eleanor Ngai
Design & Animation

3D Work

During my time at Oktobor Animation, I worked as an UV and Texture Artist on several Nickeloden animated TV series such as Penguins of Madagascar, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Monster vs Aliens and Robot and Monster. Occasionally we would have other projects and tests for new shows. Below is one of these projects called Mech Mice. It was a game developed by Oktobor Animation for Hyper Hippo.

My role was to texture the main characters for the animated TV show under the same name and for the game as well. I worked alongside teams of modelers, texture artists and concept artists who designed the look and built the models so that I could just focus on the UVing and texturing.

Here are some screenshots from the game.

An owl character textured for the TV series. Unfortunately the tv show never went ahead.

Take a closer look at the characters in these videos

Below are a few renders I was able to obtain from Nickelodeon. These were for the show Robot and Monster.